Conniry's School of Tang Soo Do & Tai Chi
2253 Fletcher Parkway, El Cajon, CA 92020   Ph: (619) 465-6770

The Pacific Martial Arts Foundation was established with the idea of training its members in a progressive/traditional approach, to blend the experience of the past with the needs of the present. A major objective of the school is to provide effective teaching methods, techniques, and training procedures so that members can have a rewarding and worthwhile learning experience.

This learning experience is meant to include much more than self-defense techniques and physical conditioning methods; it is a way in which mental principles, codes of ethics, attitudes of respect, courtesy and discipline are encouraged and practiced. It can become a way of life that complements normal, everyday living in terms of confidence, calmness, positive mental attitude, and self-improvement.

Memberships are available for families as well as individuals, however, we do not recommend enrollment before age 5.

Memberships are available to those individuals who are willing to learn a mental as well as physical discipline that requires effort, patience, and concentration. Physical strength is not necessary, however, an individual should be reasonably healthy to begin lessons. Serious martial arts training can actually strengthen a person in mind and body.

We reserve the right to refuse membership to those individuals who do not display a courteous and respectful attitude.

Founding Instructor
Teaching since 1968